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Mindfulness Changes Everything When Added To Your Business

mindfulness changes everything in business

2017 was the tipping point where the weight of evidence clearly tilted in the direction of business leaders believing Mindfulness Changes Everything in business. 2018 in all probability will expand the global acceptance of McMindfulness but also the realization that there are many deeper levels of mindfulness to be explored. Change is difficult in our…

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Creating High-Performing Teams: Do You Have What It Takes?

creating high performing teams

Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted to head a new business unit. You and your new leadership team have been tasked with solving a challenging problem that is critical to the company’s continued success. Naturally, you aren’t given a lot of time to create a turnaround plan. Your mission…

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Why Mindfulness is Good for Business

mindfulness is good for business

  My clients are often surprised when I talk about mindfulness, and why it is good for business. They’re used to an environment where being analytical and making quick and tough decisions is a necessity and sign of strength. But incorporating mindfulness provides a balance and perspective that will help make you, your leadership and…

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Is Your Ship Sinking?

business ship sinking

Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor When shareholders demanded Uber CEO Travis Kalanick step down from the company he created, the only surprise was that this visionary — who disrupted the transportation industry with his ride-hailing company — didn’t see his Uber ride coming to an end. Uber’s crisis started amid complaints of sexual harassment and a lack…

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