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devise practical strategiesPicture the life of your dreams…

…Your relationships, business, career and lifestyle in flow…in harmony…with who you are…making an impact.

If you could have everything you’ve ever imagined, what would that look like? What would it feel like?

Now look where you are today – right now – this very moment.

What choices are you making that are in alignment with those dreams? And what choices are you making that prevent you from creating them?

Be. It. All.

As women, we are biologically and psychologically geared to nurture – perfectly being everything to everyone. Historically and culturally, there has been an expectation to Be It All. Be strong and have compassion. Lead with authority and serve those around you. Drive for results and give to others. Promote your worth and remain humble…  

The lessons from our past combined with the messages we receive each day often leave us in a quandary.  At work, we carefully examine the rules of business as we artfully negotiate our path to success.  At home, we are required to put on new hats and fall within new rules. It’s enough to make us feel that to succeed, we need to be many different things to many different people.

In our attempt to nurture and serve others, we often forget ourselves. Feeling lost, confused and drained.

But what if you could take a moment to discover yourself again?

To remember who you are…

…Re-define yourself

…Re-write your story

To take a pause. To stop trying so hard. To realize you are enough – exactly as you are.

What would happen if you just STOPPED?

  • Stopped trying to make everything perfect?

  • Stopped feeling insecure?

  • Stopped the story you play inside your head?

What if you just stopped?

And put yourself first for one moment…?

Our Women & Leadership programs are an opportunity to TAKE THAT MOMENT and discover the answers to these and many other questions.


These experiential creative workshops are designed for the successful woman in business. No matter where you are in life, we will meet you there to illuminate your thinking; inspire your senses; and help you to pursue your passion. Providing you with the awareness, tools and mindsets you need to succeed, these programs are designed to take you to the next level as quickly as possible. Through a variety of activities, exercises and Generative Dialogue, allow time to discover and reflect and the opportunity to redefine who you are!

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"If you’re an accomplished woman who is experiencing a sense of being “stuck,”
stalled out or uncertain of purpose, this is the workshop for you!"

Fiona Haworth
Director, Talent Development.

"I left the workshop confident, energized
and excited to see what my new chapter in life will bring."

Joy Menyhert
The Menyhert Company

"I am truly grateful for the learning experience
Susan and Jennifer have created"

Samantha Goldstein
Culture Ambassador