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Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

As a coach and consultant for over 20 years, I know the importance of what it means to reach your highest potential.  I also know that many of you won't take time to grow yourselves or your teams.  Most of you won't invest money to hire others who could help you to thrive.

In a culture that has become one of instant gratification, we seem ever so anxious to improve our circumstances, but increasingly unwilling to improve ourselves.  This puts us in a position where we pay a higher price settling for mediocrity vs. doing what is necessary to live a fulfilling life.

Why is it that we seemingly prefer a life of struggle over putting some effort into creating a life of abundance?  Because we truly do not believe it is possible to “live the dream”.  And so…we do nothing, continuing to coast aimlessly accepting where we are, working hard for others, believing we can't invest in ourselves.

Success is a choice you must make.  It does require work.  And effort.  And feeling uncomfortable at times.  But if you don't pay the price to succeed, you will pay a higher price in settling for something less.

If you are committed to change, open to learning and willing to challenge the status quo with a desire to discover what it takes to personally influence and effectively lead change in your life and business, consider transformational coaching.

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational coaching can help you to improve your life and business by changing the way you see yourself. It involves shifting mindsets, attitudes and perceptions to understand self-imposed limitations.

Unrealized goals can have a negative effect on yourself and others. A person who feels they have not accomplished everything they have set out to do often feels dissatisfied, frustrated, and disheartened.

Alternatively, realizing your goals and seeing them unfold has quite the opposite effect. People who realize what they aspire typically feel more fulfilled, motivated, productive and creative.

How Does My Coaching Differ?

I work with my clients to discover their goals and aspirations and consider why they have not yet achieved them, uncovering and releasing habitual frames of thought and chosen boundaries that continue holding them back.

What is different about my approach is that my coaching is based upon the principles of Generative Dialogue. In this, we address the underlying views, judgments, assumptions and mindsets that create repeated, undesired results. It is here – beneath the surface – that lasting change is created.

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"If you’re an accomplished woman who is experiencing a sense of being “stuck,”
stalled out or uncertain of purpose, this is the workshop for you!"

Fiona Haworth
Director, Talent Development.

"I left the workshop confident, energized
and excited to see what my new chapter in life will bring."

Joy Menyhert
The Menyhert Company

"I am truly grateful for the learning experience
Susan and Jennifer have created"

Samantha Goldstein
Culture Ambassador