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Unplug From Social Media ?

Why Unplug From Social Media? Traversing through your days while you unplug from social media has been in the news recently, but honestly, is going cold turkey and saying see ya later to social media worth doing? Ask yourself, am I using social media as a distraction from living in the here and now? Should…

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Active Listening Skills

Everyday Active Listening Skills Whether in the workplace or social environments, we all want to be heard and also be understood. Active Listening is key to maintaining healthy relationships as well as succeeding in your career. Often you’ll hear or read a common phrase that says, Listening is more important than talking. Have you heard…

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Mindful Meditation – It Opens Doors

what am I doing right now

This Mindful Meditation we see and hear about nearly everyday in blog posts, scattered across social media and inking its way across print media is much simpler to understand and to do than you may think. Craig DanielsCraig is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and their marketing success by developing a deeper connection to…

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Bicycling Into Mindfulness

bicycling into mindfulness

I first learned about meditation and mindfulness in college and while it sounded interesting I didn’t formally engage in a meditation practice for another 20 years. But in hindsight I now realize I very much became a practitioner of being in the moment and mindfulness when I took up daily bicycle riding, years before I…

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Time Well Spent Accelerates Your Business Success

time well spent

  Often the phrase Time Well Spent is connected to a group of words such as time-management, productivity and constructive. When most employers think about Time Well Spent they are thinking about the ROI you represent. Rarely does the TWS conversation find it’s way around to words containing valuable, gratifying, beneficial, rewarding or generative. Nor…

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Focus Opens The Heart And Mind To Opportunity

a moment in focus

Our mind rides on a stream of thoughts and emotions seemingly manufactured endlessly, and given that each of us creates in the neighborhood of 60,000+ thoughts each and everyday, endless may be an understatement. We are awash in our thoughts, awash in our emotions, all simmering and bubbling in a mind-soup, a tangy concoction of…

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Mindfulness Changes Everything When Added To Your Business

mindfulness changes everything in business

2017 was the tipping point where the weight of evidence clearly tilted in the direction of business leaders believing Mindfulness Changes Everything in business. 2018 in all probability will expand the global acceptance of McMindfulness but also the realization that there are many deeper levels of mindfulness to be explored. Change is difficult in our…

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Actively Unblocking Creativity Ideas

unblocking creativity

Within the chorus of Bowie’s Changes he sings “time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” When we first hear this familiar part it may seem nonsensical. It may make as much sense as a Zen Koan, but look at it for a moment and turn it over in your mind.   If we…

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