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Want To Improve Employee Engagement? Start With Conscious Leadership

conscious leadership

Shutterstock Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor Look around your office. How many of your employees are truly engaged in their work? If your company is like most, only 32% are actively engaged, while 50.8% are not engaged and 17.2% are actively disengaged. Engaged employees are excited and committed to their work, demonstrating higher productivity, greater performance, creative…

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Discover Dialogue and Supercharge Your Business

discover dialogue

When you hear the word “dialogue”, what immediately comes to mind? For most, we think of dialogue as having an oral exchange through conversation or discussion—the action or process of talking…communicating. In that, many of us also believe that communicating is as simple as talking. Why is it then that in talking with your boss,…

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The Angst Of The CEO: When Success Leaves You Feeling Empty

angst of the ceo

Photo-Shutterstock Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor As a CEO or business leader, you’d think you’d be happy. By some standards, you’ve achieved great business success. You have the power and responsibility to lead your organization or department. But for some, reaching this pinnacle of your career can leave you feeling restless and unfulfilled,…

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Creating High-Performing Teams: Do You Have What It Takes?

creating high performing teams

Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor Congratulations! You’ve just been promoted to head a new business unit. You and your new leadership team have been tasked with solving a challenging problem that is critical to the company’s continued success. Naturally, you aren’t given a lot of time to create a turnaround plan. Your mission…

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Why Mindfulness is Good for Business

mindfulness is good for business

My clients are often surprised when I talk about mindfulness, and why it is good for business. They’re used to an environment where being analytical and making quick and tough decisions is a necessity and sign of strength. But incorporating mindfulness provides a balance and perspective that will help make you, your leadership and your…

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Is Your Ship Sinking?

business ship sinking

Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor When shareholders demanded Uber CEO Travis Kalanick step down from the company he created, the only surprise was that this visionary — who disrupted the transportation industry with his ride-hailing company — didn’t see his Uber ride coming to an end. Uber’s crisis started amid complaints of sexual harassment and a lack…

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How Willing Are You To Challenge The Status Quo?

challenge the status quo

When clients come to me, it’s because they want change. They may want to reverse a tough situation in their personal or business life; or they may want to remove obstacles holding them back from greater heights of success. Regardless of their purpose, I always ask them three key questions that not only determine if…

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Do You Really Know Your Own Mind?

know your own mind

Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor Most of us think we know our own minds. We believe we understand why we behave a certain way and we go to great lengths to explain the decisions we make. The truth is that our minds — or more specifically, our brains — can trick us, presenting…

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How To Move A Resistant Organization Through Change

Resistant Organization

Originally published on Forbes by Susan Taylor As CEO of an international company, Adam (not his real name) recognized his organization was in trouble. Employees showed little understanding of the overall purpose of their work and were satisfied delivering mediocre results. This attitude trickled down throughout the organization, even extending to its customers. To stay…

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