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unblocking creativity

Within the chorus of Bowie’s Changes he sings “time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” When we first hear this familiar part it may seem nonsensical. It may make as much sense as a Zen Koan, but look at it for a moment and turn it over in your mind.


If we could “trace time” we’d be able to know exactly when change occurred in our lives, we’d see the pivot points and quite possibly know how to replicate them in the here and now. If we could “trace time” we’d easily be able to unlock the pesky creative blocks that encumber our businesses, our teams and ourselves.


Musical lyrics and Koans are both related to blocked creative flow, think about it. Both require that we stretch ourselves beyond the ordinary and move toward resolution. Both musical lyrics and Zen Koans lend themselves to multiple interpretations and both require us to come at them with a non-ordinary approach to problem solving, unblocking creativity fits easily into the same bucket of requirements.


Actively Unblocking Creativity asks us to see things differently instead of banging our heads against the wall while we wail about how blocked we are. For a moment and for a bit of fun, imagine your whole team finding their own spot on the wall and in unison banging their heads in hopes of unblocking creativity.


In the above exercise do you think your team achieved a breakthrough? It’s more likely the only breakthrough achieved in this exercise was head going through the plaster wall.


NOTE: If your team is tempted to try the above please be gentle in your head banging, and never slam your head into a concrete or metal wall. Not even for a creative breakthrough.


unblocking creativity by walking

I walk most days as a way of shutting off the noise in my mind, and shifting to a quieter place. Walking for me, clears out the distractions better and quicker than any other activity. And judging by the large and diverse group of men and women I see while on my daily walks I think we’ve all found a great way to shift our thinking.

“Every walker is a guard on patrol to protect the ineffable.”
Rebecca Solnit


unblocking creativity by meditating

The action, to meditate is perhaps a misnomer. Meditation is not a verb, not something we do but instead is a space we inhabit when sitting or walking. Meditation can best be thought of as being present and aware within the body of each moment, without doing anything.


Now I’ve gone and thrown a wrench into the usual understanding of actively practicing meditation or mindfulness. Meditation is not something we actively engage with the way we go jogging or climbing a mountain but you can be meditation while doing both of those things.


Meditation like mindfulness is not concentration on a particular object of action such as washing dishes, thought you can be both in meditation and be mindful while washing dishes. Take a breath and sit with a moment and with the next moment without doing anything but being aware of what is there.

“To understand the immeasurable,
the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti



unblocking creativity by washing dishes

Washing dishes as a tool for unblocking creativity may seem at first glance a bit suspect, I use it as an example to highlight the myriad of everyday tasks we can engage with to help us unblock. I could as easily used the Zen standby “carry water, chop wood.”


We all live within an endless stream of moments, moments imbued with opportunity and because of this each activity we find ourselves in the middle of is of equal value in unlocking the lost, in turning the key that reveals the hidden treasures.


The trick (it’s not a trick) is as simple as moving out of our own way and allowing our awareness within each moment to blossom. Chop wood, carry water and get out of your head, it’s as simple and as complicated as that. We can use anything we do as the catalyst to open the door.

“I find myself dreaming of doing normal things –
like staying home and washing dishes.”
Shalom Harlow


unblocking creativity with drawing

We all can draw, doodle, scribble, etch, paint, sketch, trace, outline or storyboard something. Applying pressure behind a pencil or pen to a piece of paper is all that is required. Feel free to ignore lack of talent or proficiency and draw whatever comes to you hand.

The writer-Zen teacher Natalie Goldberg encourages her student during writing periods to “let yourself go.” And the same goes for drawing, let yourself go and let your subconsciousness express itself. This is practice in itself.

“See feel draw: One verb.”
Jandy Nelson


unblocking creativity with journaling

Journal writing can be as undisciplined as jumping up and down in a mud-puddle when you were a child and believe me that’s a good thing.

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.”
Christina Baldwin






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