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Susan Taylor

I see the World as a realm of endless possibility,
infinite outcomes and choice.

I see You as someone who wants to be seen… heard… valued. Making an impact. Not willing to settle for the status quo...sometimes getting stuck in the mess of what it means to be human.

I see Us saying Yes! to the mess, working together to create a life and business that aligns with who you are. Feeling alive. Feeling fulfilled..

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The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanded concept of what it means to be human.” - John Naisbitt, Mega-trends

a millennial view


generative dialogue


creative together achieve

Together Achieve

It's no secret, working together unfolds higher levels of creativity and achievement


New Knowledge

Adopting mindfulness within a business radically opens doors to new opportunities



As assumptions dissolve within each of us cooperation rises to a new level.

  • rajiv singh

    Susan co-facilitated a major organizational transformation initiative that involved generative interviews, workshops and the resulting initiative and work-stream design and implementation. And we've have had excellent engagement and outcomes from the effort. Rajiv Singh - CEO

  • chirstine marton

    Through Generative Dialogue, Susan helped us to break down boundaries and create meaningful connections within the group for deeper and more effective communication. Christine Marton - President CGM

  • tony narcisi

    Susan offers a completely new way of approaching things which has yielded greater rewards. Tony Narcisi - Owner

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